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C-suite and Senior Team Effectiveness

Would your organisation benefit from greater executive or senior leadership team effectiveness? Would greater alignment, collaboration and cooperation at the top of your organisation unlock its potential and realise higher levels of performance? If so, I'm here to help.

Team effectiveness is how well team members work together to achieve common goals. A lack of technical competence is rarely the key barrier; more often a lack of trust, competing agendas, a lack of a common purpose and ineffective process prevents teams from realising their potential.
My work with teams focuses on creating a psychogically safe environment for teams to co-create a vision for how they want to work together. I help team members to become skilled and confident to talk to one another using high quality, emotionally intelligent dialogue that gets under the surface of any prevailing issues and generates a focus on a desired future state.
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My approach allows teams to explore how to operate with greater alignment, humanity, cooperation and collaboration. It helps them to become crystal clear on their compelling ‘Why’ and releases the creativity and energy that comes with it. It cultivates trust-based relationships and shapes an agreed way of working that is kept alive by team members and encourages peer coaching, challenge and support which helps lift levels of collective performance and underpins personal development.

“You bring a really invigorating blend of intellectual rigour, emotional intelligence, and personal empathy to your work with people and leadership teams, which I value very highly.”

Damian Riley • Chief Executive Officer, Army Recruiting Group, Capita RPP
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