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Organisation analysis

Are you about to embark on a transformation journey or implement new systems and processes? And if so, have you taken time to fully understand the underlying causes of the issues you’re hoping to address?

Organisations hold vast amounts of information related to aspects of their performance but might need help to integrate this to arise at useful improvement strategies. At other times, organisations may overlook critical aspects affecting business performance.

That’s where organisation analysis can play a part. It’s a vital tool which involves taking a close look at different aspects of your organisation to identify areas of strength, weakness, and opportunities for improvement.
My approach will be tailored to your business needs. That might include the analysis of information collected through surveys, interviews or observation, or the implementation of a well-validated platform such as the Organisation Transitions Inventory, Competing Values Framework, or the Leadership Climate Indicator.

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Whatever your business needs, I’ve helped clients across different business sectors and types of organisations successfully utilise the powerful tool of organisation analysis to identify key issues and options for change.

“We engaged Andy Harmer Consulting in the construction of our force leadership and development offer. Andy provides a wonderful blend of experience from business, military and academia, and was easy to work with. The style with our people was relaxed, engaging and conversational, helping us to define the leadership traits in our staff we wanted to develop in the fast pace of modern 21century policing.”

Paul Anderson • Chief Constable, Humberside Police
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