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Highways England

This project is an impressive example of a large-scale culture transformation process involving 5,500 employees. It included working with the executive leadership team, senior leader community (100 leaders), management community (1,600 people managers), and all employees (3,500 individuals) through a series of annual interventions.

Each year's initiative had a specific focus aligned with the people strategy, encompassing performance conversations, embedding the organisation's values, role alignment, delivery, self-awareness, leadership and management development. As part of the organisation's transformation agenda, team coaching was provided to the executive team and most of the directorate senior leadership teams to enhance their abilities to lead the culture transformation.

We worked with Andy and his colleagues over a three-year period on a programme focussed on executive and leadership development, organisational alignment and cultural change. This was no small undertaking and I found Andy’s enthusiasm and passion to create real and sustained change both infectious and inspiring. Each stage of the programme was successful and we created a drum beat of change in the company, helped immensely by my team's partnership with Andy and his colleagues. He is a leader in his field and is able to draw on his extensive experience of working with leadership teams to design appropriate solutions that are right for you and your organisation.

San Johal | HR Director

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