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This project was a whole organisation culture change which achieved a transformation in organisation performance.

It involved working with the Executive Leadership Team and wider management community. The ambition was to engage, inspire and align all employees in co-creating a sustainable, high-performance culture.

Having worked with Andy at two companies, I have always been impressed by the calm, thoughtful approach that Andy brings, particularly into situations where we are working with a varied group of people to bring about some fundamental changes in behaviour and thinking. Andy also brings a high level of flexibility to the workshops that he runs, comfortably moving with the flow of thoughts and discussion, and spending time on new topics where necessary, whilst always bearing in mind the overall objectives. And he personifies the approaches that he teaches, engaging in high quality conversations from the outset. Andy is a great asset to have available, and I happily recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve the performance of a team.

Oliver Burstall | Managing Director

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