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Defence School of Transport

This whole-system transformation programme was commissioned to bring to life the vision of the Commandant of the Defence School of Transport – his ambition being that the establishment should both operate and be recognised as a Centre of Excellence for wheeled vehicle driver training, both within and outside military circles.

In the first instance, I delivered a suite of leadership programmes designed to give both civil service and military leaders the capability and confidence to act as change agents. Thereafter, their role was to engage employees around the transformation agenda. In parallel, a team-effectiveness process developed the capacity of a Guiding Coalition to design and lead the transformation process.

The evolution of a high-performance leadership and performance culture. Has put the school onto an excellent footing for future success.

“I’ve worked with a lot of the Big Tick consultancies in my time. I’m finding working with you more useful than any of them. You’re not trying to be an expert in my industry – you’re being expert in helping me work out how to transform my organisation. You’ve helped change the leadership in it for the better.”

Col Chris Henson GGM | Commandant, Defence School of Transport

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